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Maximizing Opportunities for freight carriers in United States


Who We Are

At YTM Dispatch, we are a truck dispatch company dedicated to providing top-notch dispatch services to owner-operators and small trucking companies. YTM Dispatch is a family-owned team of logistics specialists committed to keeping superb communication between the freight broker, carrier, and shipper and always striving to meet the needs of the carrier. We are focused on finding the best freight load possible and negotiating the highest rates. YTM Dispatch handles all back-office paperwork, factoring, invoicing, and other administrative tasks for our carriers to keep them on the road and their operations running and growing.


Our Services

Dry Van

If you drive a dry van, we’re the truck dispatching company that will keep your trailer (and your wallet) full. We schedule routes from coast to coast and every day of the week. Keep your schedule full with the team at YTM Dispatch.

Dry Van



Shippers often have various types of cargo that require the use of a flatbed truck for transport. If you drive a flatbed, YTM Dispatch has you covered. We find good paying loads in the lanes you want



The world lives on what’s in your refrigerator truck. From food to medicine to beverages, your reefer is vital to the economy. Let YTM Dispatch help you fill your schedule every week the reefer runs that will make you great money.

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YTM Dispatch Service 

Specializes in helping small trucking companies with one to three trucks to find the best freight load rates possible. YTM dispatch negotiates at the highest rates and informs you about your transport options. Our truck dispatch agents will assist you and make the final decision that is the best for you and your truck driver.

YTM Dispatch service helps owner-operators manage many of the back-office aspects of running a trucking company. Our freight dispatchers provide end-to-end services, managing everything from finding the loads to ensuring shippers pay their invoices on time. Other dispatchers specialize in certain services


Our Customers


Small Carriers & Owner Operators

We partner with owner operators to become a back-office extension of your operations by finding top paying, quality freight to be delivered. We handle paperwork, phones calls, emails, freight rate negotiations, credit checks and support our carriers with roadside assistance. Basically, we allow carriers to focus on the road, earn more revenue and most importantly save operational costs to increase their bottom line.


Large Trucking & Dispatching Companies

Our experienced transportation specialist can complement your current operations as well. We understand you have a solid team in place, and we can fill any gaps and/or future growth for a fraction of the cost. We can easily handle paperwork processing, after-hours, night, holiday, and/or weekend freight support. We’re not looking to compete, we’re looking to complement and collaborate.


Freight Brokers & Shippers

We are an experienced and reliable dispatch service who have great relationships with the carriers we support. We do not just dispatch for just any carrier, we dispatch only for carriers who share mutual values in terms of great 24/7 communication, honest updates, on-time dependable delivery, and being professional. We have many trucks ready and dedicated to transport your freight.



41 East Forest Avenue, Englewood, NJ 07631

Call Us : (201) 708-7207

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Why Choose YTM Dispatch Services?

We provide options on our flat-rate fees. You know what you want so we provide three separate plans to choose from. A Paperwork only, Basic and Professional plan. So why pay another trucking dispatch service 10% or more on every load.

Whether you have a ‘hands-on’ business approach and need the ‘paperwork only’ plan or would rather us handle everything, we can customize our dispatching services to meet your needs.

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