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We welcome you to our family at YTM DISPATCH! It is with pleasure that we act as your dispatching service provider representing your company, covering your truck(s) and/or delivering the administrative functions, which is no small deal or transaction, and it gives us great pleasure that you have chosen to allow us these permissions.

Your business is of the utmost importance to us. We will represent you with integrity, professionalism, and pride in all that we do! To get enrolled in our program, please complete, sign and return the following items by email to

  • Dispatch Agreement

  • Limited Power of Attorney

  • Company Profile Sheet

  • Copy of Carrier's MC Authority

  • Copy of your DOT#

  • Copy of your W-9

  • Copy of insurance certificate

(We require $100,000 in Cargo and $1,000,000 in Liability because this is standard with most brokers)

Once your paperwork is processed you will be contacted promptly with all pertinent information and your Customer ID.

For questions/concerns regarding YTM DISPATCH requirements please contact us at:


Thank you for choosing YTM DISPATCH

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