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Choose a team as dedicated to your success as you are

Dry Van

Dry Van

If you drive a dry van, we’re the truck dispatching company that will keep your trailer (and your wallet) full. We schedule routes from coast to coast and every day of the week. Keep your schedule full with the team at YTM Dispatch.



Shippers often have various types of cargo that require the use of a flatbed truck for transport. If you drive a flatbed, YTM Dispatch has you covered. We find good paying loads in the lanes you want



The world lives on what’s in your refrigerator truck. From food to medicine to beverages, your reefer is vital to the economy. Let YTM Dispatch help you fill your schedule every week the reefer runs that will make you great money.

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YTM Dispatch Services

YTM Dispatch is a “Full Service” truck dispatching company that handles all of the back-office work so you can compete with the large fleets. Typically, a large carrier would hire somebody to handle all of these tasks, but it is unaffordable for a small carrier, that’s where YTM Dispatch comes in to help! Our process is simple, your dedicated truck dispatcher will work with you by your rules. We develop the best lanes that suit your desired schedule, whether you want to be home every night, every other night, or once every 2 weeks, our freight dispatchers work with you to develop a lane that will achieve your target goals.

We Negotiate Hard For Best Paying Rates

We Handle All Your Broker Setup Packets

We Handle Lumper/Detention

We Talk To Brokers

Dedicated Dispatcher

You Pick The Areas You Want To Drive

Best Truck Dispatch Company On Your Side


Why Hire a YTM Dispatcher?

  • A truck dispatcher helps you find loads to carry, but there’s a lot more to it than that, especially for owner-operators and small fleets.

  • Negotiating the right price – The most fundamental part of our job is to find loads that pay you well. If you’re not making money, we’re not doing our job.

  • Full compliance – We help to maintain motor carrier compliance so you can keep driving without problems or worries. 

  • Unexpected delays – We work on your behalf when weather, traffic, or mechanical issues delay your delivery. We call the broker or shipper/recipient

  • Customer service – We’re here for you. When you need us, we answer the call. It’s all about making sure your needs are met as quickly as possible.

  • YTM Dispatch is dedicated to your success, whether you own one truck or several. Our professionals deliver top-shelf service and pricing.

Why use YTM dispatching?

  • ​YTM Dispatch the trust of brokers and the connections to help you find the right loads, fill your schedule and keep you on the road

  • We understand your business and your needs. That helps us anticipate what you might need from us.

  • YTM Dispatch is less expensive and more efficient than any other type of schedule.

We work for you!

  • We work to get you the highest possible rates. Since we are paid as a percentage of your rate, the more you make, the more we make.  It’s simple


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